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Welcome to Eefenggu Apiary Farm Cameron Highlands

EeFengGu is situated 5km from the central of Cameron Highlands. It is a must to visit when you are in Cameron Highlands because it is one of the best holiday destination.  Ee Feng Gu has already went through 3 generations, therefore it is very experienced in this field. In addition to that, many local and international bee farmer have came to gain more experience and also exchange opinions on how to look after the bees. Furthermore, after years and years of hardship, Ee Feng Gu has now expanded the bee farm to a larger of space.  EeFengGu is open daily from 8 am to 7 pm. There is not a single entrance charges, every visit to the bee farm is free of charge.

There is an important note that we like to emphasize on is that although the bees have poisonous sting, but it is always under tight control and it would not simply sting anyone. Therefore, it is very save and encourageable to bring along children so that they can learn more about the nature of vees and honey.  Besides, workers of our farm are always very glad to guide you and explain every inquiries asked.

EeFengGu has manufactured many products range from pure honey, royal jelly and pollen. Besides, we are also selling chinese tea leaves, Yi Xing Violet Sand Teapot Set, crystals, stonecarving souvenirs and others.  We are glad to inform you that our company has the service to deliver the goods to Kuala Lumpur every month. Therefore, your visits to our homepage before your visit to Cameron Highlands is much appreciated.


玉蜂谷座落在離市區五公里外的旅遊區 ,乃是金馬崙高原之旅必遊之地。玉蜂谷是 經歷三代,飽經考驗,而且本園的祖傳獨家 養蜂吸引了許多國內外的同業到來考察并取 經驗。

經過多年不斷的研究與改善,如今已 建立了具有規模性的養蜂場。其實栽花釀蜜 是一們很高深的學問。除此之外,本園也種 植了藥草花如﹕倒挂金鐘、向日葵、高麗蔘 、田七草、 貓須草、一串紅、小遐花、海 竽等等。

本園出售天然純正的蜂產品,例如﹕ 天然純正蜂蜜,老蜜,天然花粉及新鮮蜂皇 漿。產品得到各界人士的贊賞及肯定。品質 保證,價格合理。我們每個月都有送貨到吉 隆坡,歡迎訂購。

玉蜂谷也備有員工為遊客們解說有關資 料。免費參觀,隨時歡迎。每天由早上八時 正至傍晚七時正。 蜜蜂雖然有毒針,但不會隨便蟞人,不 妨帶小孩到來參觀讓他們實地去了解蜜蜂及 真正天然純正蜂產品。

從我們的网頁中,我們會為大家簡單的 介紹一下我們玉蜂谷果園養蜂場內所有資料 ,歡迎大家進入。

1. 蜂蜜﹕滋潤養顏之特品
2. 蜂花粉﹕提神健脾之上品
3. 蜂皇漿﹕益智醒腦號稱長生不老之絕品
4. 宜興紫砂茶壺﹕乃是陶中珍品,為中外收藏家所珍視
5. 中國茶葉﹕人們喜愛的飲料,為康樂飲品